Our Concierge Services have become an increasingly popular option for busy individuals and families. Our services can free you up to focus on family, friends and personal goals. Our lifestyle management services are a key component to assist in maintaining a healthy work/life balance . Each client is paired with a virtual Genie Consultant for help with projects small and large–anything from finding an electrician, pick up/drop off laundry, dry cleaning & prescriptions to planning a unique birthday party for children, or making travel arrangements for a work or pleasure trip.

The business concierge option is attractive to small businesses, as it results in favorable retention rates, increased productivity, increased company morale and a decrease in lost work time. Employers find this resource valuable because it helps them attract potential employees and cultivate success in current staff.

Each Concierge Service package is unique. We work with our clients to tailor the services to meet the needs of the individual or the organization. Fees are based on client selection of services.

Our corporate plan also includes:
Corporate Events: team building/educational workshops, retreats, company parties, meeting planning and corporate gifts
Courier service: pick-up and delivery of packages and important documents.
Commercial cleaning services
Notary Services

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